The Kitchen Tools promotion, which Flash-dor has performed in “La Vanguardia”, “El Comercio” and “La Voz de Galicia”, has been a huge success. This promotion consists of a set which includes 12 indispensable utensils for easy cooking all kind of dishes. These utensils have cutting-edge designs and ergonomic handles. Moreover, all the utensils are practical, original, easy to use and take up minimum space.

This set, made in top-quality stainless steel, includes the following utensils: a peeler, a grater, a garlic presser, a spreading knife, a cheese slice, an ice cream scoop, a slice, a potato peeler, an apple cutting, a bailer, a template to cut slices and spear meat and a bottle and can opener. Furthermore, it includes a hanger for tidy storage, taking up minimum space.

“La Vanguardia” performed this promotion during April and July 2012; and “El Comercio” also during this summer, between June and August. This set is still available in “La Voz de Galicia”, and could be found soon in other newspapers. More details about this Flash-dor successful promotion can be found in our web portal