We generate advanced concepts and projects with high added value that are adapted to our clients’ specific needs. For this purpose we always remain abreast of the market evolution. Our vast expert knowledge, flexibility and adaptation capacity are crucial in achieving these objectives.

Monitoring and control

We perform an intense monitoring and control of all our projects, from origin through to culmination. We always offer reliable and high-quality products, as well as optimal results.


Our structure and organisation enable us to efficiently deal with the whole logistics process of a project. We deliver goods directly to our clients’ warehouses so that they do not have to worry about anything.

Having our own structure and human resources in Asia allows us to be highly competitive. We control the whole value chain, performing the following activities:

> Searching for products at source.
> Selection and control of suppliers at source.
> Follow-up of projects at source.
> In-plant production auditing.
> In-plant quality inspection.
> In-plant container loading control.
> Monitoring and control of transport of goods from the port of origin to destination.